Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cleaning & Dreaming

I'm giving my apartment a thorough cleaning today for the first time in maybe 6 months, but you can see how "thorough" it's going to be since I'm writing my blog. I am completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of my mess and can't focus on finishing one task before starting the next several. Add to that, a need to finalize my dinner menu for tomorrow night (the reason behind all the cleaning), then a trip to Whole Foods and the bank to get quarters so I can do laundry to have something nice to wear tomorrow. Blaring The Verve too is probably not helping either - as much as I love morose Brits, it's probably not helping my energy level!

So, as I dream about finishing the much needed cleaning, I am also dreaming about what our world might look like in 5 years. It is pretty astonishing how everyone now thinks Barack Obama is going to save the world. I certainly do. And it's not based on anything concrete other than someone my age who can break all barriers, raise himself up from a confusing background and complete an amazing Ivy education, and accomplish all he determines to do at the age of 47 MUST be meant for great things, for the greatest things. I would throw myself in front of a train for him. It makes absolutely no sense. I have never felt this strongly for any public persona, not even Hillary. I want to make changes to help him save our world. And that's it isn't it, everyone, around the world, thinks that this huge uprising of change in America means the best for the entire world. Maybe he is our messiah, no offense intended to previous messiahs...


Cleaning continues, hazelnut torte baking, laundry done, vegetables chopped, Doctor Who on the television. Whole Foods was pretty insane today although the parking lot was only half full. I noticed that all the loft apartment buildings on P seem to be open now; maybe that's where all the shoppers were coming from. It is intriguing to think about living in a loft apartment within walking distance of both Whole Foods, the office and the yoga studio. Like being back in NY... But I like being near the Park and the beltway.

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