Monday, July 9, 2007

Back to Work

I still have jet lag after 2 days, waking up every hour, anxious about whether I should or could get up at 6am and go running before work. It was 75 deg when I woke up at 6, so figured running while so exhausted would not be healthy. Got to work for 9am Department Heads meeting and Jim (our boss) was stuck in the subway, at least I had a few minutes to get situated after being out for 10 days.

The day blew by with a Sustainability Initiative meeting with Rhonda, Patrice and Emily, trying to get through my 10 days of unanswered emails, and of course ended with yet another interminable APT Budget Call.
I received a lovely birthday gift today from Tania - a set of cat quilted place mats, napkins and pot holder, and chocolate from their trip to St. Petersburg. Still waiting for the first 7 seasons of Stargate SG-1 that Mom ordered me. Wore my new dragonfly purse from Joanne to work and my very hip Dolce & Gabbana black sun glasses.

Best part of the day was organizing the photos from my trip to LA and Seattle. The Space Needle, my all time favorite building, is well represented, as are the Getty, Schindler's House, the Goldstein extravaganza and even Lake Serene.

So far this posting is rambling, just too tired from jet lag to write anything meaningful. Maybe tomorrow.

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